Urban New Construction

The Challenge

The owners were having a new home built and we were brought in during construction to do the design as well as to maintain quality control on material and installations happening in preparation for the final landscape installation. We needed to create a space with year-round interest and colour. A very large fir tree needed to be incorporated into the new landscape.

The Design

The owners had been long time clients at their previous home and wanted to continue with a garden that provided year-round interest and colour as well as a recreation area for their young grandchildren. The garden seating doubles as a play structure for the children who also enjoy harvesting an abundance of blueberries and huckleberries in the garden. A large double compost provides on site recycling for any garden debris that is not left on the beds for mulch. Flowering and evergreen trees provide shelter for birds and perennial gardens provide year-round colour and interest. Native ground cover was added to the area surrounding the large established fir tree to reflect a natural combination found in our rainforests.