A Painters Garden

The Challenge

This garden had been re-landscaped after a major renovation and had many good features already in place. The owners wanted the garden personalized and to have a look that reflected their personality and values. As with many gardens several plants were inappropriate or had outgrown their best before date. There was a distinct absence of top soil, the recently planted areas of the garden were mostly sand.

The Design

As the garden grows and changes, we continue to make any improvements we feel would benefit the beauty and ambiance of the garden. This is an ongoing project, and after construction of a painting studio/office area, some overgrown hedging shrubs and a diseased tree were removed to create a better vista. We considered mature size of new plants, colour, texture and ability of new plants to endure the climatic factors that present constant challenges. We have added a combination of native shrubs to provide food and habitat as well as colourful native and non-native perennials.