A Welcoming Garden

The Challenge

The garden needed to change to accommodate the changing lifestyle of the family. A major renovation of the home and growing children inspired major changes for the appearance of the garden area. We wanted to create a more open and welcoming front garden at the same time providing screening from an unsightly view and create habitat for birds. A private entertaining and recreational space was needed near the dining space in the rear garden.

The Design

A laurel hedge was removed to open the front garden and make the space more welcoming. Existing Japanese maple, Magnolia sieboldii, Desert King fig, Cornelian cherry, Pear, Chitalpa, two Dogwood trees and large Camelia and Viburnum shrubs were preserved. A new Omorika spruce was added to provide shelter for birds and shield an unsightly view. We used native ferns and groundcover to provide an easy-care front entry garden, and flowering perennials to provide food for birds and pollinators surrounding the entertaining area in the more private rear garden.