Tropical Style Aquatic Garden

The Challenge

The owner, an avid fish lover had had a couple of ponds as a child and wanted to create an environment in which to raise koi fish. Koi need a deep pond with good filtration to maintain good health. Great Blue herons act as local predators, and raccoons can be a nuisance around water gardens. The first incarnation of the pond had come to the end of its life and did not include a secure edge from which to enjoy and feed the fish, or any place to sit and relax.

The Design

We removed a large lilac bush to provide an area for patio and seating on one side of the pond. The pond is over five feet deep in one end, to provide enough winter shelter for hibernating fish. The shallow area is flat, and two feet deep to house water lilies. We installed both a bottom drain and a skimmer in the main pond and waterfall area as well as an auxiliary up-flow filtration bog area with numerous filtration plants that help clean the water. We used an oversized bubble bead filter to clean the water and provide the owner with an easy cleaning routine. Electric fence was installed around the perimeter to deter raccoons and herons.