Garden for Wildlife

The Challenge

The owners wanted a total facelift for the garden to keep pace with a home renovation. The property is located near a forested area and they wanted an environment that extended the protected area and encouraged birds and pollinators.  A new entry was needed to make the property more welcoming and accessible and the turfgrass area needed to be reduced. The lower area of the property was hot and dry with little room for additional soil.

The Design

Preserving the mature trees was the starting place for establishing a landscape that was both colorful and a food and habitat source for the many species of wildlife that inhabited the neighborhood. The owners desire for a rose garden was accommodated with floribunda roses to provide a long flowering season and pest resistance. Extensive use of native grasses, lavender and succulents were used to compliment a sweeping new concrete entryway with 12-volt lighting for easy access during the evening hours. Nodding onions and succulents, including native sedums thrive in the hot dry area near the sidewalk.