Chafer Beetle Solution

The Challenge

When we first discussed the problem of chafer beetle damage to the garden the main objective was to change the garden from mostly lawn to something else. As we discussed possibilities, we talked about the entry to the home which was very narrow and overgrown and decided we needed a more welcoming access to the home. The owners are avid cyclists, and the stairs to the bike storage area were an inconvenience. We needed to consider some very sensitive, sentimental plants that needed to survive and thrive any renovations.

The Design

New granite slab stair treads connect the existing concrete steps at the street to a winding path to the front door. Existing concrete pavers were salvaged and incorporated into the pattern on the new walkway, and an existing mosaic patio feature near the front door was preserved. We decided on a mixed groundcover with many plants that support native pollinators and a colour scheme to compliment the colour of the home. A sloping access area was sculpted for easy bike travel from the street to the rear of the property, and because the area is not a high traffic area, was planted with creeping thyme and other low groundcovers.