Chafer Beetles on the North Shore

Some neighborhoods on the north shore have had many of their lawns destroyed by crows, skunks and raccoons feasting on the larvae of the European Chafer beetle.  Watch for my column in the North Shore News, Feb 17 2016 issue for some ideas about new approaches to planting.  Meanwhile, have a look at some transformations from turf grass to more environmentally friendly options.

The first garden was initiated by a couple preparing for less gardening during retirement

Example # 2

Couple with young family wanted a space to enjoy with their children.  They were not interested in having a lawn in their front garden, so we removed the turf grass and replaced the area with a pathway, shrubs and perennials. The children seeded annuals for the birds and pollinators. Ten years later, the children were older, the family was spending less time at home, grandparents were elderly and need better access to the home, so rather than move, a major renovation was done on home and the garden was again changed to reflect a different stage of life

Garden 3#

The homeowners, victims of the Chafer beetle and tired of mowing a lawn, wanted a more interesting, easy care garden containing lots of edibles. One of my favorite native shrubs is also a wonderful ‘edible’ Vaccinium ovatum (evergreen huckleberry)